Robin & Julia Rogers

Contemporary Art Glass Physically and metaphorically we put our minds, hearts and hands together to create sculptural works. We use glass as a material because we are enlivened by its inherent qualities; its luminosity, viscosity, and seductive flow. Our inspiration is drawn from the natural world, personal experience, family life, music, psychology, and science. Complex […]

Peter Bremers

PETER BREMERS IS RENOWNED FOR HIS GLASS SCULPTURES INSPIRED BY NATURE`S MOST EXTREME LANDSCAPES. HE HAS ALSO CREATED OUTSTANDING ARCHITECTURAL MONUMENTAL SCULPTURES FOR INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR SETTINGS. In many non-Western cultures it is customary to perform small daily rituals to pay homage to nature, ensure good harvests, propitiate the weather gods, pacify the ocean or give thanks […]

Alex Bernstein

Alex Gabriel Bernstein grew up in a creative environment with access to many of the artists of the American studio glass movement. As the child of two established glass artists, William and Katherine Bernstein, the beautiful surroundings of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina where they lived played almost as much of a […]

Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg

Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg came to Italian cutting techniques because they felt they had discovered a new way to expand dramatically on what they were already doing – using sandblasting as a way to cut through layers of color to create new and originally inspired patterns and ideas. In a nutshell, this development also […]

Leon Applebaum

While Leon Applebaum was an art student in Toledo, his dream of becoming a high school art teacher was shattered upon enrolling in his first hot glass class. Leon completely immersed himself into this newly discovered world of glass. Leon completed his BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art and then received his MA at Peabody College […]

Bryan Randa

   Growing up in the fields of Iowa, Bryan developed a love and curiosity for nature and its intricacy’s at an early age. Whether it was collecting little critters on the farm or interesting stones along the river walks, Bryan was intrigued by the natural world surrounding him. Beginning with interest in pencil drawings and […]

Debra Steidel

The creations of Debra Steidel’s work is a combination of hand-thrown ceramic vessels some of which hold or cradle a sculpture; each initially sculpted in clay.  Some are selected to cast in lead crystal glass using the “lost wax” technique. She created her first sculpture in clay with the intension of it being cast in […]

Robert Dane

Robert Dane started blowing glass at Massachusetts College of Art in 1973. Robert has studied with Lino Tagliapietra, Pino Signoretto, Martin Janecky, Dan Dailey and William Morris. He has exhibited his sculpture and glassware widely in galleries around the country. His work is in the permanent collections of numerous museums including the Philadelphia Museum of […]

Bengt Hokanson and Trefny Dix

In 1996, Bengt Hokanson and Trefny Dix opened their first glass studio in Greenport, NY. In this studio, they primarily cast glass to use as elements for their individual glass and mixed media sculpture and for custom architectural projects. In 2000, they began a collaborative body of blown glass vessels. This early work was developed […]

Guiliano Gaigher

Graduated from the Technical Institute for Surveyors, Romano Di Lombardia, Italy, 1983. Participated in the glass fusing course run by Prof. Detlef Tanz, Milan, Italy, 1992–1996. Since 1987, he has been running his own art studio. He has also worked in cooperation with Luigi Magni, Marcello Catalano and Stefano Travi, 1983–1996. Since 1997, Gaigher has […]