Thomas Meyer


Tom Meyer is a self-taught painter working primarily with acrylic on canvas or board, Meyer’s paintings originate from impulses within his soul. 

His cast of characters that inhabit his paintings give an account of his inner life and his imagination. They tell a story with his themes, “of redemption, forgiveness, acceptance, rejection and love,” as he has described it. Meyer has said, “I don’t paint things, I paint ideas.” His work is informed and inspired by a variety of ideas, from current events to ancient philosophy.

Through an outsider or visionary artist, Meyer’s work is part of a creative tradition with roots that include early American folk art and that has continued to evolve in numerous and dynamic ways up to today. Meyer has created a personal universe with his paintings, as many outsider artists have done. This exhibition is a dazzling display of that universe.

Available Art:

Tom Meyer

Been A Long Time                                       oil on canvas            24 x 48 inches

Tom Meyer

Take Me With You                                     Oil on canvas                    16 x 20

Tom Meyer

Everyman’s Conscious                            Oil on canvas              24 x 36 inches

Tom Meyer

This and That                                Oil on canvas                 16 x 20 inches