Peter Layne Arguimbau


Layne Arguimbau is principally a marine artist. He specializes in classic boat paintings: America’s Cup Races of the turn of the Century; and New England Harbor scenes, including New York Harbor, cat boats, sloops, and yachting commissions. Recently completing a ship portrait of “Adela,” a 174 ft. restored schooner for George Lindemann, also the late Thomas “Tuggboat” Moran’s private yacht, to name a few commissions painted by Layne.

Mr. Arguimbau, now 63, was handed a paint brush at the age of eight by his father, a portratist. Soon after he was introduced to Frank Mason and studied with him for fourteen years at the Arts Student League in New York City. Since then he has lived and painted throughout the world, spending three years in Florence, Rome, and Naples, studying and analyzing Classicism and the Baroque era. This period became the focus of his special interests–the Flemish, Italian, and Spanish Masters.

Mr. Arguimbau possesses and old world painting style to which he adds the Flemish technique of the Sixteenth century. The artist involves himself in the entire painting process, working through all the artistic problems, grinding his paints from powders and preparing oil-resinous mediums, as well as framing and adding hand finishes to his frames. His work glows in the amber light of the Old World that had become his trademark for success.

Available Art:


Peter Layne Arguimbau

“Opera Cup Race, Nantucket”    Eleanora-130ft Herreshoff When & If and Queress II


Peter Layne Arguimbau

“Cat Boat Resting off Monomoy, Nantucket”         Oil on panel















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HOW TUBE PAINT CHANGED ART HISTORY    written  by : Peter Layne Arguimbau


Peter Layne Arguimbau

“Match Racing”           Oil on panel 24 x 36 inches