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Richard Satava

Fine Contemporary Art Glass

Richard Satava began his artistic career as a potter. Then, while attending Chico State University, he discovered a growing interest in the medium of glass and took several classes in glass making. Since that time of more than 20 years, Rick Satava has practiced his craft of hand-blown glass, constantly refining his skills so that Satava Art Glass now produces some of the finest hand-blown glass in the world.

In his studio, the heat radiates as a glowing mass of molten glass is pulled from the fire at 2000 degrees F. Air is blown into the glass as it is turned and shaped. Colors and textures are added as layers overlap and eventually emerge into the shape of the final creation.

Satava creates unique and modern works of art, individually crafted, by carefully combining the highest degree of technical skills and artistic creativity. He says, “While the basic art of glass blowing has been the same for hundreds of years, the craft is constantly through individual techniques.” One such technique is exemplified in his line of “Moon Jellies,” life-like jellyfish entrapped in glass. These one-of-a-kind sculptures are setting new standards for glasswork as Satava captures sea life in its most realistic design.

Well known for his vivid colors and unique portrayal of nature, Satava’s works are included in the collections of the Renwick Gallery, the Smithsonian Institute, the White House, the Corning Glass Museum, and other public and private collections throughout the world.

Available Art:

Rick Satava

Double Gold Ruby Jellyfish

rick satava

Double Passion Jellyfish


rick satava

Moon Jellyfish

rick satava

Magnum Moon Jellyfish Side Swimmer

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