Tom Sadler


Receiving his BFA at Auburn University, Sadler’s education includes the study of oil painting that he considers of utmost value with instructor Jack Dempsey at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He also attended the School of Visual Arts in New York. Since that time he has studied the work of a variety of artists that have had different influences on his work. Sadler feels a pressing desire and necessity to paint each day. He feels that the door is just opening to the world of revealing all that is possible for him through his artwork.

Sadler works in oils because of their inherent versatility and permanence. He utilizes consistencies of paint that alternate from very transparent to very opaque. His glazing techniques imbue his work with an unmistakable sense of light. This depiction of light and its manifestations becomes the subject in most of Sadler’s works.

The light from the changing of seasons, times of day, or weather conditions are all fair game when what is often sought is the display of harmony between warm and cool color. Working from life, the artist is also preoccupied with capturing the color and atmosphere that the landscape suggests. He is especially driven to paint motifs that contain water or inherently possess some other timeless quality.


Tom Sadler

River of Palms                                                                            Oil on canvas                24 x 40 inches

Tom sadler

Call of the Sea                                                                  Oil on canvas                           24 x 36 inches

Tom Sadler

River of palms                                                     Oil on canvas                                24 x 36 inches

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