Lynn Patron


Lynn Patron is known as a colorist. Her adaptation of sculptural intuitiveness creates an imaginative nuanced interpretation of subject matter that is reflected by her lineal, flat, crisp and clean style. Creatively her painting suggests a subtle, but refined exaggeration of the realistic form that expresses its temporal fragility.

As an expressionistic stone sculptor Patron extend to her paintings sensuous surfaces to tell a story of people in an environment. Prior to starting a painting she studied the subject with the focus on that what is not obvious. Once the story is discovered she ready for translation to canvas.

Patron’s unique linear style begins with a very simple outline, a strong line, usually black to emphasize the shapes and composition. Light, plays a secondary role. Her trademark is the uninhibited strong, bold, yet soft, use of color combinations incorporated into a unique design. Whether whimsical, sensuous, or serious, the use of strong shapes, contrasted with unconventional combinations of colors, produce works that are simplistically understated yet powerful, and that tell a harmonious story.



Lynn Patron

Taking The Plunge                                                                                  Oil on canvas       20×16 inches