Ted Merriman


Ted Merriman has started doing photography as a hobby at the age of 8. In 2011 he started to make a side career out of it. A native of Pennsylvania’s Main Line, and 30 year summer resident of Nantucket, he spends his spare time on island hiking many of the islands protected conservation lands and documenting some of the island’s seldom-explored regions.

He is currently enrolled at the New York Institute of Photography, the oldest and largest photography school in the United States. He specializes in scenic, abstract, and wildlife photos. His work recently was awarded a blue ribbon at the Merion Cricket Club’s annual photo salon.


fearful symmetry

“Fearful Symmetry” Photography 17 x 35 inches                                                               Unframed

“Ack Red” Photography 23 x 35 inches                                                                                  Unframed


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