Judy Friday

Abstract expressions and simplified landscapes are soft and bold at the same time.“The act of painting the sky begins the moment I open my eyes to the new day. If there is something out there that inspires me, I can’t get to my spot on the shore fast enough and throw my painting gear in he car then drive too fast, saying the whole way, “don’t go, don’t change,” but the sky is always changing. The best mornings are when the wind is blowing the clouds every which way and the car is actually rocking, as I sit inside warm and dry, trying to put down the magic that happens in that brief time between night and day. The painting is there before me, and I try to get out of my own way so the paint can be put down with as much spontaneity and honesty as possible. By 8 AM the display is over and I look at my attempt, which makes me happy half the time but could always be better. That’s what gets me out there the next day.”

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